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Homestay / Family stay

We offer homestays for international students in France

You are an
international student

Are you an international student looking for a homestay in France?

We suggest you live with a French family, a great way to feel less lonely, improve your French and discover the French culture from the inside.

Whether you stay for a few weeks or several months, with or without meals, we will find you the family that best suits your needs.

You will be independent and live your student life without curfew!

The process is flexible and fast, we will find you a family in just a few days.

If you are interested in this experience, contact us to receive information about our homestays, prices and application forms.

You are a French family

You live in a large French student city and you have a room available?

We offer you the opportunity to become a host family for an international student.

Most of our students are adults and come to France to study French or to attend university.

We offer a variety of options, with or without meals, for short, medium or long stays.

You decide on the profile of the student you are going to host, and we will ensure the follow-up of the stay.

You will be paid for your stay.

If you would like to become a host family, contact us now!

You are organising a trip for a group

If you are organising a trip for a group, whether you are a language school, a tour operator, a French or foreign university, and you need to accommodate your students or pupils during their stay in France, don’t hesitate to contact us!

We accompany groups throughout the year on a wide range of formulas, short or long stays, adults or minors, with or without meals.

We can place your group with a host family, organise transfers, meeting points and facilitate communication with our families.

To organise a group trip in France, contact us for more information.

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Yoon, from China

My family has always respected my opinion. It was a happy time because I was able to learn many things while talking with them.

woman in black shirt smiling

Léonie, from Australia

I am incredibly thankful that I was able to live with such a wonderful family who welcomed me and included me.

smiling girl in black and pink shirt

Jacqueline, from the USA

I had a lovely stay with the family. They are very hospitable and are very good at asking questions and making you feel at home during your stay.

shallow focus photography of woman outdoor during day

Daisy, from Australia

Francoise was very kind and generous, and made things generally very easy for me. The location of the home was also phenomenal.

smiling woman wearing white and black pinstriped collared top

Marlen, from Germany

I had a lot of freedom and we had nice conversations. This fits perfectly with my expectations.

woman in white v neck long sleeve shirt smiling

Chelsea, from the USA

The family is lovely! They were very patient with me as I tried to learn french and were great communicators.

smiling woman in gold necklace

Elsa, from Sweden

I enjoyed : the generosity, openness, curiosity, good advice on the city and respect for my own space / mixed with social moments together.

Guiding you every
step of the way