Do you live in a French city with a big student population?

Do you have a spare room at home and are you interested in welcoming an international student in your home?

You could be interested by our services. Our company is based in Lyon and we are currently developing across France, allowing International students the chance to live in a French family.

Our students are in a huge majority majors and they come in France to study the French language or to take some courses at university, a lot are in the Erasmus program.

We offer various packages:
  • With or without meals,
  • Short, medium or long stays.
We ask our families to be welcoming and to try to make students fall in love with our country.

The quality of the accommodation is very important: a pleasant room, in an apartment located in the centre of the city or near universities and public transport, with a descent bed, storage space, a desk and of course WIFI. The bathroom can be shared.

The payment ranges from 415 euros to 660 euros per month according to the chosen formula.

We keep in touch with the family and the student throughout the whole the stay.

Our agency takes care of monthly remuneration.

Do you want to become a host family?

Contact us and we will send you all the necessary information including details of our stays and a questionnaire that you need to return with pictures of the available room, your house and your family.

Don’t hesitate to call us or email us if you have any further questions.