Employees may be eligible for the MOBILI-PASS®, a housing support program funded by companies who pay into the 1% housing contribution scheme. For those who meet certain eligibility conditions*, it can be used to cover certain expenses for employees being transferred or recruited.

Mobili-Pass® includes:

  • A grant to cover housing search fees, paid directly to Expat Services.
  • A loan with an interest rate of 1%, used to fund any real estate agency fees or overlapping periods of rent, paid to the employee.

In connection with this assistance program, Expat Services has developed a package of services to assist families with every aspect of their job-related move.

* MOBILI-PASS® mobility assistance is available for employees of companies with 10 or more employees needing to move more than 70 km. It is available once every 24 months (subject to income ceilings for medium-cost housing loans). Expat Services systematically verifies each potential applicant is eligible for this assistance and provides feedback to the ordering customer.


  • Identifying needs.
  • Assessing the feasibility of assistance.
  • Selecting and organizing on-site visits.
  • Accompaniment by a local consultant.
  • Assistance for negotiating and signing a lease.
  • Performing the move-in inventory and installing utilities.