Our strengths

Our Premium service, which is available to all our clients, has helped us ensure a success rate that is above the national average (over 95% of housing searches are successful).

By successfully helping our clients settle in to their new jobs and homes, we have been able to build strong and trusting relationships with our corporate clients and their employees.

Our expertise in the local region and thorough understanding of the key players in the field of mobility allows us to ensure a smooth transition between the client’s original country or region and their new surroundings.

We also offer professional and customized follow up services for our corporate clients throughout the relocation process. This allows them to observe where they are at in the process at any time thus helping to anticipate and handle any possible obstacles.

  • Controlling mobility-related costs.
  • Reducing the stress of the move.
  • Making it easier for employees to commit to job-related moves.
  • Attracting the best employees on a national or international level.
  • Helping to improve the success rate of employment transfers.
  • Saving time for companies and employees alike.
  • Speeding up the process of adjusting to a new position and a new city.