• Personalized search for a primary residence and assistance upon arrival: We will preselect properties, accompany clients for a full day of property visits and assist with the signing of the lease and carry out the move-in inventory.
  • Ensure functioning of basic utilities: Internet, electricity, water, natural gas.
  • Enrolling children in school: We select schools according to the profile of each child and offer extra assistance if required.
  • Opening a bank account.
  • Taking out insurance policies.
  • Providing administrative and cultural information.
  • Putting clients in contact with national and international associations to facilitate their move


  • Notifying the owner or the real estate agency of the tenant’s departure.
  • Following up on the security deposit to make sure it is returned.
  • Canceling all contracts.
  • Changing addresses.
  • Assistance with finding a moving company.

As each expatriate employee and each family are different, we carefully tailor our services to match each individual situation.